Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System is developed to primarily be used in the manufacturing industry to track inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries, create work orders, bill of materials, and other production-related documents


Purchase Management

Includes generating purchase order, managing purchase history, maintaining item quantity, uploading invoices, adding product details, etc

Sales Managment

Involves management of sales and sales returns goods, quote preparation, generating invoices, checking stock, viewing billing status of clients, etc

Vendor Management

Used to maintain various details about the vendors and suppliers separately that will help in management of sales and purchases


Generate various types of reports such as purchase order reports, delivery order reports, sales reports, inventory status reports, vendor listing, etc.


  • Centralized Management

    IMS allows you to manage any item or component in a centralized warehouse and conduct a physical count of your inventory when required, while providing all basic inventory functions

  • Easy Reporting

    The solution ensures that the users are able to easily generate and analyse reports that will assist them in better managing the production, sales, and purchases of the organization

  • Reduced Effort

    The Inventory Management System helps users to reduce the effort devoted to asset management, while supplying many personnel with the information they need to perform the functional responsibilities

  • Responsive Design

    Optimal viewing and interaction experience for the users is guaranteed irrespective of whether the solution is being accessed from PC, tablets, phones, or other devices

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