Accounting Solution

The Accounting Solution will provide an end to end solution that shall automate the accounting activities followed by the client and a centralized view of all accouting activities of the client by helping them manage their Purchases, Assets, and Inventory


General Ledger Processing

Manage the core recording of all transactions, including the balance sheet and the revenue data with General Ledger Processing

Role Managment

Privilege for users to manage roles, users, designations, departments, projects, etc. based on the specific privileges provided to that user

Currency Management

Functionality to create and maintain the currencies and exchange values by providing access to the interface based on user privileges


Generate various types of reports such as Accounts Receivable Aging Report, Unpaid Invoice Report, Customer Balance Report, etc.


  • Complete Accouting Solution

    SCSoft’s Accounting Solution helps clients to manage all their accounting and book-keeping needs, allowing them to focus on running and growing their business and meeting their organization’s objectives

  • No More Manual Entries

    Eliminate manual entries and reduce the risk of human error. All transactions done through the highly efficient accounting system is now safe, easy, and electronic!

  • Seamless Invoicing

    Invoicing has been made manifold easier with the accounting solution offered by SCSoft. Designated users can now generate, view and review invoices anytime from anywhere, simply by logging into the system!

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