Event Management System

SCSoft's Event Management System brings to life the modern process of managing events. With an integrated platform, planners can more efficiently find venues, plan events, engage attendees, measure the impact of their events, and much more.


Simpler Planning

SCSoft's event management system is developed to help in creating and planning events more easily and navigate every aspect of the event process

Improved Attendance

Improve the attendance and engagement of your targeted audience using SCSoft's Event Management System, built to create all the needed buzz about your well-planned events.

Ensured Success

With SCSoft's Event Management System, the success of your events is guaranteed and you can also review the details of the events later to improve your chances of a bigger success in the future

Buy Tickets

SCSoft's is a two-sided system, where visitors to the website can also buy tickets to their favourite events that are held in places close to them or far


  • Responsive Design

    Optimal viewing and interaction experience for the users is guaranteed irrespective of whether the solution is being accessed from PC, tablets, phones, or other devices

  • Reduced Effort

    The Survey Tool reduces the effort of gathering the required analytical information from a large group of people by making it easier to create and send a survey form to them

  • Easy Reporting

    The solution ensures that the users are able to easily generate and analyse reports that will assist them in better understanding the trends and feedback of the targeted audience

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