Survey Tool

Survey tool helps users to conduct online surveys and collect feedbacks to generate detailed statistical and graphical reports. The survey tool also includes the 360 feedback module which helps admins to analyse the feedback of an entity.


Create online surveys

Prepare your own questions and send the survey across to your customers / clients via email to collect their feedback or the information you seek from them

360 Degree feedback module

Let your employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them, including the employee's manager and peers

Detailed statistical report

Generate and review detailed reports based on the feedback and / or input received from the targeted audience of the surveys you sent across

Multi language support

Have the flexibility to send the survey forms in the mother tongue of the recipients with the multi language support that the tool offers


  • Responsive Design

    Optimal viewing and interaction experience for the users is guaranteed irrespective of whether the solution is being accessed from PC, tablets, phones, or other devices

  • Reduced Effort

    The Survey Tool reduces the effort of gathering the required analytical information from a large group of people by making it easier to create and send a survey form to them

  • Easy Reporting

    The solution ensures that the users are able to easily generate and analyse reports that will assist them in better understanding the trends and feedback of the targeted audience

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